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Service 2

Content Optimization

Upgrading your existing German translations to game changer
SEO content
that actually sells.

Service 1

German Transcreation & Web Copy

Transforming your English copy
for your German-speaking
Transcreation from scratch.

Service 3

White Papers & More

Individual writing services that address your specific needs. From direct communication with your clients to white paper creation.

Your challenge

Reaching more ideal customers

With a professional, optimized German web presence you’ll drive sales organically. You’ll reach the right audience with targeted copy built on carefully executed research. This way you are boosting sales traffic while also saving on ads.

Is this you?

This is what you get when we work together

Stone pillar of old books.
Stone pillar of old books
1. Solid foundation
Becoming intimately
familiar with your brand & USP
2. Deep digging
Pinpointing your buyer persona
& keyword research
Allen wrench. A transcreator's old-style tools!
Allen wrench. A transcreator's old-style tools!
3. All hands on deck
Writing Copy That Sells -
It's Creation Time
Silver box with ribbon
Silver box with ribbon
4. Wrapping it up
Let's Review and

There is a solution for each challenge

Choose the right booking for your site

Individual Edition


starting at485
Tailor-made German services
Perfecting existing translation
Blog strategy & Pillar content
Content Marketing
German business agent

First Edition

incl. 5 pages plus

starting at3875
Buyer persona research
Brand + USP analysis
Keyword research
Compelling translation + copy
On-page SEO
Personal consulting


incl. 3 pages plus

starting at2925
Buyer persona research
Brand + USP analysis
Keyword research
Compelling translation + copy
On-page SEO
Personal consulting

Sandra, this is exactly what I want. But I do have some more questions.

Get memorable copy and crisp German transcreation

…That keep your fresh prospects clicking

As a native speaker I specialize in spot-on copywriting (called “texten” in German) and transcreation of marketing copy and blog content for German-speaking readers. All while keeping SEO in mind. The result is compelling and passionate copy that suits your audience’s taste in tone, content and language. 

I base my work on in-depth customer research, brand-analysis and keyword research. Because your brand’s success is no guessing game.

Don't skip keyword research

Your original keywords can’t simply be translated, because the search terms people use to find products can vary greatly and often deviate from the literal translation.

Therefore the results of translations that neglect a thorough keyword analysis can fall short of expectations.  That’s a shame, because time and money was invested nonetheless.

It’s true that keywords should be incorporated increasingly carefully as algorithms keep evolving. But nevertheless you should know which ones are relevant. Therefore a keyword analysis is always performed for each project before I start writing search engine optimized content.

What exactly is marketing translation

Lost in translation

You too have probably had some good laughs over unintentionally humorous translation errors. These mistakes may be funny to us, but their detrimental impact on businesses is less desirable and can lead to serious consequences, from a seeming lack of professionalism and a damaged reputation to a loss of sales or even a complete failure to effectively penetrate a new market.

And while machine translation is improving, the nuances and references encapsulated within digital marketing materials regularly get lost in the automation process.

A wiser move is to use a human translator who can precisely translate from one language to another. Otherwise, you may not get the response you want in new markets. Direct translation of marketing content often does not convey the right meaning, no matter how linguistically accurate it is.

Enter transcreation

The goal of translation is to simply convey a message in another language, which is often adequate for certain types of content. For digital marketing content destined for multiple international markets, direct translation is not enough. The goal of marketing is to elicit emotion that leads to action. To accomplish this, transcreation is required.

Meet your new audience on their wavelength​

Transcreation and localization take standard translation a step further. They preserve the emotionally felt message rather than merely conveying meaning.

The end result is adapted and localized content that appears to have been made particularly for the target market. It’s a product that corresponds to a country’s cultural conditions and business habits, while conveying the original message. It means globalizing your message. 

Some steps involved in localization:

  • The translation’s focus is on conveying the feeling rather than just the words. This often involves using equivalents rather than literal word-for-word translation.
  • Design and color changes might be a part of the process, as symbol and color associations vary between target groups.
  • Adaptation of measurements and the formats of dates and times.

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