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That's what content is really all about!

Reach out and truly connect

To authentically connect and resonate with your audience it takes

3 ingredients:

You need to…

• Feel you have a mission and understand your audience
• Identify your USP and know your competitors’
• Have powerful quality content tailored to suit your audience

I will…

➔ Turn your mission into resonating words
➔ Dig deep and make sure we’re crystal clear on this
➔ Deliver publication-ready, creative, SEO-finished content for your website, brochures and e-mail marketing

12 years’ experience in copywriting and transcreation

Who is Sandra

In short: A native German speaker and passionate wordsmith with game-changer skills when it comes to copy, content and on-page SEO.

And: I really love doing it!

The 3 bad things?
1. Speak my mind
2. Am obsessively results-driven
3. Have a German accent

Master's degree

M.A. in Communication-/Media Science & Geography.

Really I’m a life-long student, constantly learning and investing in fine-tuning my skills and expanding my knowledge. Especially on the fields of psychology and digital marketing, with the latter changing at lightning speed.

Further Training:
Psychology & Coaching
Health & Fitness

Corporate work experience

I’ve worked in Germany and abroad for more than 20 years in international corporate environments and since 2015 as a freelancer. 

Positions I held:

Digital Marketing Manager
Copywriter & Transcreator
HR Consultant
Psychological Counselor

Industries & Niches

where I have the most experience

  • SaaS & B2B
  • Psychology & Consultancy
  • Sports, Health & Nutrition
  • Environmental Science
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Eco Tourism & Hospitality
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Education & Training

Having worked in different industries, I learned how to adopt the respective vocabulary and don’t shy away from keeping on doing so, when working with new clients. However, these are the niches I’m most familiar with. I also do have a soft spot for Conscious Businesses and offer special terms for them. Feel free to ask.

English-to-German web translations

A home game

Bilingual. Personal. Authentic.

These three words are not just punchline copy.

While German is my mother tongue, I’m fond of the English language and its admirable versatility. I really enjoy using it in daily exchanges with my clients. But as a copywriter and transcreator, German is my home turf and a home game!

I’ve spent my childhood in the northern part of the country, went to university in North Rhine-Westphalia and later moved to the south. A stone’s throw away from Munich Oktoberfest and Salzburg in Austria, Mozart’s home.

No outsourcing

I translate and write all copy myself – no outsourcing to agencies or anonymous writers with mediocre results that need re-adjustment. If we work together, you’re dealing with me personally.

A last word

Whether you decide to work with me or not

My piece of advice: Work with real people.

If you’re involved in a service-oriented business and need to describe your product to demanding customers in written form, ultimately you won’t save any money using machine translations or mass-producing text brokers. Why? Simply because they’re extremely unlikely to result in the sort of communication that creates a memorable connection with your customers.

German content strategist and writer


writer & Transcreator